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  • Sedation can make your treatment go more smoothly
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Revive Your Smile With Blythewood Oral Surgery

If you think you might need oral surgery in Blythewood, you don’t have to look any further than Blythewood Village Dentistry. With our extensive experience in dental surgery, we can handle most procedures right here in our office. Here are a few other reasons to have your surgical procedure performed here:

  • Our in-house periodontist, Dr. McGary, has vast experience in several types of dental surgery.
  • You’ll relax with your choice of sedation options, including inhaled sedation with laughing gas and oral conscious sedation in pill form.
  • We help you feel at home with private patient care rooms, cozy blankets, and relaxing music.
  • Our team will treat you to personalized care, taking your unique situation into account at all times.

Call us today at 803-653-6331 to schedule your consultation for oral surgery. Our office is easy to find, located just northwest of the intersection of I-77 and Blythewood Road.

Rely on Our Experts for Your Dental Surgery Procedure

Stats Image Wisdom teeth extractions cost more than $3 billion a year. Source.
You’re in good hands with our team of experts. We’ll work hard to provide you an exceptional level of care before, during, and after your surgical procedure. Below are a few types of oral surgery we offer:

  • Teeth Extractions – If we’re unable to save your tooth with restorative dentistry, we’ll gently remove it to end your discomfort and preserve your oral health.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Your dentist will remove your third molars to prevent pain, crowding, and potential damage to your other teeth.
  • Dental Implant Placement – We can both place and restore your dental implants right here, saving you from having to travel to a specialist for any part of your treatment.
  • Gum Grafts – Say hello to healthy gums again. We’ll graft your own tissue to your gums to put them on the path to healing and wholeness.
  • Bone Grafts – If your jawbone isn’t strong enough for implants, we can insert bone material that will spur the growth of new bone tissue and strengthen your jaw.
  • Sinus Lifts – This type of bone graft adds bone to your upper jaw in preparation for the placement of dental implants.
  • Ridge Augmentation – We can add tissue to the jaw ridge where you’re missing teeth, either to get the jaw ready for implants or to restore your jaw’s normal healthy appearance.

Visit a team with the experience you need in Blythewood oral surgery. Call Blythewood Village Dentistry today at 803-653-6331 to schedule a consultation. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When would I need oral surgery?

There are several circumstances that might require oral surgery. If you or your loved one has a badly damaged or diseased tooth, it may need removal. Likewise, wisdom teeth often cause problems as they emerge and need to be extracted. Other procedures like bone grafts, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentations prepare for treatments such as dental implants. Gum grafts will repair receded gums and help them heal properly.

When is oral surgery covered by insurance?

Your dental insurance or medical insurance may cover a portion of your oral surgery. We recommend you check with your individual carriers to find out what they will and won’t pay for before you have any work done. That way there aren’t any big surprises in store for you. As a convenience, we offer third-party financing through CareCredit.

When can I exercise after oral surgery?

We recommend not exercising at all for the first 24 hours after oral surgery. Trying to do too much too soon can actually prolong healing. Vigorous exercise can loosen the blood clot on an extraction site and lead to a painful dry socket. For the next few days, a patient should limit activities to low-impact exercises as a precaution.

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