It’s hard to believe we’re starting a brand new year! As 2023 commences, you are probably setting resolutions for yourself. We encourage you to set a few goals to improve your smile this year. It can be as simple as brushing more often or something more extensive like clear aligner treatments, but either way, we’d love to be your partner in the process. Here are a few ideas we wanted to pass along:

  • Straighten your teeth.

If you have been wanting straight teeth for a while, now is the time to do it! We use Candid clear aligner therapy which discreetly straightens your teeth. It will take less time than traditional treatments like metal orthodontics. It’s perfect for adults who want a low key to fix their alignment problems.

  • Secure your dentures with implants.

If you wear dentures and you are tired of them slipping out of place, we can secure them with dental implants. These artificial tooth roots will help your dentures feel and function just like natural teeth! You’ll feel more confident about your oral health and eat all the foods you’ve been missing out on.

  • Get a custom mouthguard.

If you play sports, wearing a mouthguard is necessary to avoid damaging your teeth. However, the kind you buy in the store or online can only do so much for you. We can create a custom-fit mouthguard that will fit you better and offers more protection than anything store-bought. We can also create a mouthguard if you bite or grind your teeth too!

  • Boost your smile’s appearance with cosmetic treatments.

We offer many cosmetic treatments that give you perfect-looking teeth! You can eliminate stains with teeth whitening. You can also fix chips, cracks, uneven, or misshapen teeth with tooth bonding or veneers. We also can reshape your gumline to give it a more balanced appearance when you smile. 

  • Visit us every six months for cleanings and exams.

If you haven’t made it a point to see us every six months for a regular dental checkup, now is the time to start. We’ll not only clean your teeth but we’ll also examine your mouth for any underlying oral health issues. Doing so, helps us treat problems when they are small instead of when they become a larger issue.

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