It’s hard to believe summer is over and we’re in September. If you have school-age kids, it’s never too late in the year to make sure your child has a successful year. To start them off right, it’s important to take care of your family’s smiles.

At Blythewood Family Dentistry, we can help with:

  • Giving Their Teeth a Good Clean – Many folks wait until they are well into the year to try to book exams and cleanings for family members. You’ll have better luck with a more proactive approach. Go ahead and get your kids into our office ASAP. That way, we can check out their teeth and fix problems like cavities before you are too far into the year.
  • Removing Problematic Wisdom Teeth – If you’ve got a teen, they may be getting wisdom teeth. Hopefully they’ll be among those for whom these teeth pose no problems. Still, it’s another reason to bring them for an exam. If the teeth are causing discomfort or Dr. Jones spots any problems, she can remove them. Your child may have swelling and some minor discomfort after the procedure, plus they’ll need to avoid certain foods. So it’s a good idea to get it out of the way before they start school. 
  • Protecting Your Athletes’ Teeth – If you have kids who play sports, you need to protect their teeth. It only takes one wild throw, hard hit, or out-of-place elbow to damage their teeth. While you can buy mouthguards at sporting goods stores, the mass-produced product simply can’t provide the level of security you get with a custom-made guard. A comfortable custom fit also means your athlete is more likely to wear it, not leave it on the sidelines. 
  • Enhancing Their Smiles’ Appearance – A new school year can mean new opportunities, from joining clubs to running for student government to scoring an internship. Your family members will feel more confident to speak up in public if they know their smiles look great. Check out our cosmetic services, including veneers, whitening, and bonding. 
  • Starting Orthodontic Treatment – If your child will be straightening their teeth this year, it’s a great idea to get them started before they head back to class. While our clear aligners are much easier to get used to than braces, they’ll still feel more comfortable if they’ve had a chance to wear them in places outside the classroom.

Let Blythewood Family Dentistry help you get their smiles healthy for school! Call us today at 803-653-6331 to schedule an appointment in Blythewood, SC. You can also request an appointment online.